"I have known Dianne Quinn for many years, and in recent years, have employed her to clean my house. In addition to doing a very professional job of cleaning and being very careful with household possessions, she has a quality which is extremely important in her profession - she is exceptionally honest and trustworthy. She is always punctual and dependable, and a pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend her services to anyone."

-Sallie G. Saliba

" Dianne has been my housekeeper for the past 3 years and has many outstanding qualities. She is very organized in her approach to her job. She brings her own equipment and supplies and proceeds to clean in a timely and efficient manner. She is dependable and quick to communicate if any changes or questions arise. When I need her to be flexible with our schedule, she is always cheerfully accommodating. She is careful and has never broken an item in my home, and most importantly, Dianne is honest and trustworthy."

-Jewel Duvall

" I have been pleased with Dianne's work for many years. She is trustworthy, reliable and does excellent work."

-Barbara Reilly

" Dianne Quinn is a personable, friendly, attractive, responsible individual. Her cleaning is excellent in all parts of a home and she paces her work time perfectly. I've built and bought many homes, and have had housekeepers and cleaning ladies in all of them. Dianne has been the very best I have ever had. I'm so happy to have her cleaning my "now" home."

-Brenda Crist

" Please allow me the privilege of recommending Dianne Quinn as a housekeeper, cleaning person, and odd-job worker. We have enjoyed her services for 5 years. We have found her to be faithful, honest and trustworthy. She arrives on time and leaves when the work is completed.

It was a blessing to discover that she supplies her own vacuum cleaner with carpet adapter, and her own cleaning supplies. She is not at all stingy in the use of either.

Dianne is very careful with antiques and fragile objects, dusting and cleaning quickly and thoroughly. She is pleasant and conversational if engaged, but is task oriented in general. She is a hard worker."

-Tom & Julie Hayes